Get the DJI M300, ROCK R2A LiDAR, and ROCK CLOUD 2.0 for $125/mo with IRS Section 179.

Updated: Mar 24

The new year is now officially here and with it brings a plethora of possibilities! With the passing of the $1 trillion dollar Infrastructure Bill, now is our time. LiDAR will help with survey grade quality data and lightning fast deliverables to help these infrastructure projects off the ground. Want to start the new year off with a DJI M300 Drone, a ROCK R2A LiDAR and the ROCK Cloud 2.0? It's possible to get this entire package for effectively $125 a month for the first year.

The Section 179 deduction allows US taxpayers to expense qualifying purchases and to deduct the full purchase price of their equipment during the tax year in which the equipment is acquired and put into service. The DJI M300 Drone, a ROCK R2A LiDAR and the ROCK Cloud 2.0 are considered qualifying equipment and this deduction can be applied to equipment purchased outright or via financing.

You can find more information about the Section 179 rule here:

To get an idea of what the Section 179 rule could look like for you, ask us for a quote and then use it in this calculator:

This calculator will show you the total reduction in cost and your savings, and when you factor in the ability to take this tax break upfront with a $0 dollar down financing, then this effectively gives you the full tax incentive in the first year and is how you can effectively get the full system for $125 a month! This is too good to a pass up.

We have worked with customers and have seen Section 179 deduction result in customer scenarios with costs cut down to approximately $125/month first year and $0 down payment for their hardware and software! Of course your results may vary, and you should always check with your tax advisor, but owning a DJI M300 Drone, a ROCK R2A LiDAR and the ROCK Cloud 2.0 System may be much closer than you think!

When you work with ROCK, we are incentivized in your success. This program can help you reduce the risk and provide your team with valuable time to become successful with our technology. There is no time better than right now to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Reach out to our Sales Team via the chat bubble or by requesting a quote today and let’s ROCK!