The ROCK Cloud Now

Processing ALL LiDAR Data

The ROCK Cloud is the industry redefining software with Pay-As-You-GO LiDAR processing.


  • re-project data

  • vertical datums

  • measure

  • host

  • share

  • merge

  • GPS view

  • Intensity View

  • strip align

  • Upload SLAM LiDAR

  • Upload terrestrial LiDAR

  • Upload mobile LiDAR

  • ESRI deliverables

  • output .SHP

  • output .DXF/.DWG

  • cross-section analysis

  • planimetrics


  • Real-time elevation adjustments

  • add Ground control points (GCP)

  • GCP report

  • LiDAR density report (PPSM)

  • LiDAR overlap report

  • Upload .LAS, .E57, .LAZ, .SHP, .DWG

  • output to TBC, civil3D, carlson, etc.

  • contours

  • RGB View

  • Annotate data

ROCK Planimetrics




ROCK Hydrology

hydro-flattened topographic DEM and contours with breaklines around bodies of water.



ROCK Vegetation Management

Transform raw point cloud data into Vegetation encroachment violations and export to GIS

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ROCK Surveyor

topographic deliverables from point cloud data. Ground classified LAS, Contours, DEM, and GCP report



*minimum $29 monthly subscription fee for access to ROCK Cloud platform, viewer, tools, storage, and sharing. Click to learn more

The ROCK Cloud is a complete LiDAR processing suite that prioritizes deliverables and simplicity. 



Never worry about what hard drive your project is on or if your customer has a computer powerful enough to see your work.   The ROCK Cloud will save you time and deliver you the confidence that your data is organized and stored securely.  Then, when you are ready, share a project with a customer to give them instant access to everything you see.


See all of your 3D data on any device.  Upload .LAS, .LAZ, E57, SHP, DWG and analyze using the ROCK cloud tools.  Measure lengths, heights, cross-sections, View your data in RGB, Intensity, Elevation, or GPS-time and quickly analyze the quality of your data.   Perform your analysis in the ROCK cloud before using the share link to send your project over to your customers.  



At ROCK we have a saying, nobody cares about a point cloud.  What they do care about is the deliverable created from that point cloud.  The ROCK Marketplace gives you access to complete deliverable processing. In 1-click, get topography with ROCK Surveyor, vegetation encroachment with ROCK Vegetation Management, and planimetrics with ROCK Planimetrics.  If you don't see what you need, just ask. We got you.


"...our team has been able to triple the number of jobs we can deliver in a week. The workflow is just unbeatable"

Daniel Windham, GIS Specialist


Why ROCK Cloud


Processing on the ROCK cloud is lightning fast. Use one of the marketplace services and get your A.I. results and a ROCK QC/QA results back in as little as 24 hrs.


Deliverables need to be perfect, everytime.  Thats why, When ordering from the ROCK marketplace, your data first goes through our ROCK A.I. engine then each project is checked by a ROCK QC/QA to verify correctness and correct any issues.  


Our servers follow a rigorous standard of security.  Data is hosted in AWS and follows all best practice security guidelines.  We take data security and privacy to a new extreme.


The ROCK Cloud is the most affordable way to process your LiDAR data.  Avoid costly desktop licenses, expensive desktop hardware, and expensive labor.  ROCK is pay-per-use and subscription based.


The ROCK Cloud has a subscription and Pay-Per-Deliverable pricing model.  We want to give you as much flexibility with your data as possible.  To this end, we offer the ROCK Cloud as an affordable monthly subscription that gives you access to Storage, the Cloud platform, Viewer, tools, and Sharing.  The only other cost is in the deliverable marketplace. 

Bulk pricing is available for large projects: Contact

For Marketplace pricing see the Full Marketplace here - Marketplace Pricing

For individuals



Billed Annually

For one person to complete basic mapping and inspection

Buy Monthly ($36 /mo)


For individuals


Billed Annually

Create more accurate projects, advanced tools, for one person

Buy Monthly ($349 /mo)


For Multiple Users

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For any size organization to manage projects and people with advanced security and workflow

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Upload View Analyze LiDAR Data

50 GB Storage

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Measure and annotate 

Unlimited sharing

Unlimited LiDAR upload

Access To Deliverable Processing

Export .LAS .DXF .SHP

All Pro features, plus:

500 GB Storage

Community and Email Support

Ground Control Reports

Re-project into coordinate systems

Export .LAS .DXF .SHP

All Business features, plus:

Additional Storage

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