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the New R3 Pro

On the ground.

Aerial 360 mapping supported with all compatible drones. 

In the sky.

Aerial 360 mapping supported with all compatible drones. 

Driving around.

Mobile 360 mapping supported with additional vehicle mount.

Unprecedented accuracy.

See how the R360 performs better than the rest.

Complete workflow.

Deliverables are on demand just a click away with the ROCK Cloud.

Surveyor bundle.

Everything you'll need to get started with your ROCK R360 LiDAR.

See the data for yourself.

View the R360 datasets & recognize the power.  

Power Substation

View Dataset

Mobile Mapping


Sony a5100 - 24 MP Camera

RGB Camera

-20˚C to 65˚C

Operating Conditions

16 Watts

Power Consumption

<0.006 deg Pitch and roll; < 0.03 deg Heading

IMU Atitude Acc

0.5cm (PPK); 1cm + 1ppm (RTK)

IMU Position Acc

1.28M points/s (dual return)

MAX Points Per Second

640,000 pts/s and 2 returns

Scan Rate

640,000 pts/s and 2 returns

Scan Rate

+15° -16° (Vertical) × 360° (Horizontal)

Field of View

1.70 kg (3.8 lbs)


256 GB Provided (1TB supported)


± 3 cm

System Accuracy (5m/s @ 50m)

120 m @ 50% reflectivity (MAX)

Scan Range

120 m @ 50% reflectivity (MAX)

± 10 mm (0.5m - 50m @ 50% reflectivity)

Range Accuracy (RMS)

Hesai PandarXT 32

Laser Sensor

Check the specs.

The ROCK R360 is a complete Survey-Grade 3D Mapping Solution. Integrating the new Hesai Pandar XT32 sensor, with a high-accuracy IMU and a 24MP Sony camera. The system is used with the DJI M300, DJI M200, DJI M600, FreeFly Alta X, SkyFish and Mobile Mapping. When paired with the ROCK Cloud (Data Processing Software) 
— complete deliverables are only a flight away.

The proof is in the results.

We've done the research to back up our word.

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