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Introducing the New Standard

Experience unmatched accuracy & efficiency in mapping technology with the R3 Pro V2 LiDAR.


Improved Accuracy

Significant enhancements in the accuracy of point clouds generated from the same hardware due to updates in the IMU, GNSS, onboard computer, and LiDAR. The firmware and algorithms have been overhauled to achieve superior data quality.


Better Orthomosaics

​Introduction of a new photogrammetry technique unique to the R3 Pro V2, allowing for precise capturing of building corners and object locations in datasets quickly and accurately.


Integrated Visual Inspections

​​A new feature across the platform that integrates photo spheres from ROCK SLAM Dock V2 (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) with LiDAR data for visual inspection, enhancing the inspection capabilities of the R3 Pro V2.


The thing that I’m most pleased about is the ease of use of the LiDAR. We were able to take the hardware and deliver a product – the first time. The client is absolutely over the moon with the data we delivered.

Christopher Saili

Kahuto Pacific


The prices... astounding. The quality of point clouds... astounding. The applicability... astounding. ROCK is leagues ahead of other companies in the field when it comes to usability.

Benjamin Owens

Site Design Inc.


Hesai Pandar XT32

905 nm


26 MP


Laser Range

0.5 cm


Field of View


L: 159 x W: 118 x D: 127mm

Shots Per Second

1.28 million

Laser Class

Class 1

25 W

Power Consumption

USB 256 GB

Data Storage


What is the ROCK R3 Pro V2 LiDAR?

The ROCK R3 Pro V2 is an advanced LiDAR system designed for aerial mapping, featuring unparalleled precision, ROCK Photogrammetry, ROCK Inspect, and enhanced accuracy. It builds on the foundation of the R3 Pro V1 with significant upgrades to its IMU, GNSS, onboard computer, firmware, and algorithm.

How does the ROCK R3 Pro V2 differ from the V1?

The V2 model introduces major enhancements over the V1, including improved accuracy through updated IMU, GNSS, onboard computer, and LiDAR, the addition of ROCK Photogrammetry & ROCK Inspect for advanced mapping capabilities.

What is ROCK Photogrammetry?

ROCK Photogrammetry is a new feature in the R3 Pro V2 that offers a unique approach to photogrammetry, allowing users to capture highly accurate corners of buildings and object locations quickly and precisely.

Can the R3 Pro V2 be upgraded from the V1?

Yes, existing R3 Pro V1 units can be upgraded to the V2 model. The upgrade process involves hardware and firmware updates. Reach out to ROCK Support for detailed upgrade paths and incentives.

What improvements have been made to the accuracy?

The R3 Pro V2 boasts superior accuracy thanks to enhancements in the hardware's IMU, GNSS, and LiDAR components, alongside comprehensive firmware and algorithm updates. This leads to more precise and cleaner data collection.

What is ROCK Inspect, and how does it work?

ROCK Inspect is a new feature that integrates photo spheres from SLAM with LiDAR data for detailed visual inspections. It allows users to capture and analyze high-resolution photo spheres alongside their LiDAR data.

Experience the best for your mapping projects.

Start Mapping with the ROCK Robotic R3 Pro V2 LiDAR today.

Enhanced Corner Accuracy

Improvements in capturing high dynamic corners without the need for manual corrections, thanks to advancements in IMU algorithms and firmware.

Improved Colorization

The accuracy of data has led to better colorization of datasets, making details like building walls meeting the ground more precise and visually cleaner.

Repeatability & Overlap

The system demonstrates high repeatability and accurate data overlap in sequential flight paths, enhancing the consistency of the data collected.

Better ​Data Quality

The overall data quality, including the accuracy and alignment of scans, has improved, allowing for more precise measurements from elevated heights and at speed.

Enhanced Features, Better Data

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