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Insanely Accurate LiDAR: The New ROCK R3 PRO

Get ready to experience the next level of accuracy and workflow with the new ROCK R3 PRO survey-grade LiDAR system! The R3 PRO is part of our comprehensive LiDAR workflow, and we're excited to get it off the ground. It's a game-changer, and we don't use that term lightly.

The ROCK Robotic R3 PRO LiDAR system offers insanely accurate data.

First, the R3 PRO is 30% lighter than its predecessor, the ROCK R360, weighing in at only 1.2 kg. Plus, with a detachable 26 MP camera and seamless drone integration, it's never been easier to capture precise 3D data.

The new ROCK Pilot mission planning app simplifies the workflow even further, allowing you to easily plan and execute missions with the R3 Pro. And when it comes to accuracy, the R3 PRO is hands down the best in class. See the results for yourself in our R3 dataset below.

ROCK Cloud software offers post-processing for LiDAR datasets.

Supporting the R3 PRO, ROCK Desktop allows you to see your data in the field as well as upload a compressed LAZ file directly to ROCK Cloud. This way, you can preview your point cloud results before you go back to the office. ROCK Desktop and the R3 Pro are made for each other.

The ROCK R3 PRO is SLAM-ready.
The ROCK R3 PRO is SLAM-ready.

The R3 PRO also features a quick and easy SLAM setup, enabling you to capture 3D data without the need for flying. And when you do take to the skies, the R3 PRO integrates seamlessly with the DJI M300 (as well as other professional-grade drones) and can be controlled from your smart controller, providing real-time data and eliminating the need for manual calibration flights.

We've seen the incredible results firsthand, and the accuracy is under 2 cm. Honestly, you won't believe how clean the point clouds are in the datasets. You can merge SLAM and aerial datasets with ease in ROCK Cloud. You can use control points to further enhance the accuracy of your data.

ROCK R3 PRO mounted to a DJI M300 drone.
The ROCK R3 PRO integrates seamlessly with the DJI M300 drone.

The R3 PRO is the next step in ROCK's comprehensive workflow to help scale up your land surveying or 3D mapping business. At ROCK, we offer expert training, live hands-on support, dynamic software, and even the ROCK RTK Network to ensure you have everything you need to complete your 3D mapping projects with ease.

Don't miss out – the R3 Pro is available now on the ROCK store and is supported worldwide. So why wait? Start capturing precise 3D data today with the all-new ROCK R3 PRO.

ROCK Robotic CEO Harrison Knoll offers his insight, saying: “The ROCK R3 PRO is a major step forward for ROCK Robotic. “It offers better accuracy, better SLAM, a better camera, a lighter payload — basically a better product all around. Not only will our current customers love it, but we’re confident that the R3 will attract new customers who want a great hardware product along with our great software and support.” See Harrison's Indiana Drones channel video about the R3 PRO:


Learn more about the R3 PRO here.



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