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Create an accurate Point Cloud in GPS-denied environments.


Easily capture, view & process SLAM data

Our streamlined workflow makes it simple

View the data & see the results


Project Specs:
• SLAM data captured with ROCK R360 LiDAR  •1.2 Million Points Per Second 
• Fully Processed in the ROCK Cloud

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"I am beyond impressed with the SLAM capabilities of the R360 from ROCK Robotic! I can easily deploy the system, collect incredibly accurate data, and process it all in hours!"

— Chris Stearns, System Administrator, Electrical & Computer Resources

Get the deliverables you need 

Process your SLAM data with just one click 


ROCK Surveyor

Produce Digital Elevation Model and Contours for accurate insight into the ground topography.


ROCK Planimetrics

The fastest and most accurate way to get
CAD drawings for your data.

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Cost-efficient options tailored to your needs 

Watch ROCK SLAM in action

View the final SLAM deliverables here


Need more info?

You can visit our ROCK Knowledge Base for more info on ROCK SLAM. Or, feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns.

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