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LAS to LAZ Converter
& Point Cloud Viewer

Compress LAS into LAZ files & visualize point cloud data in the field with ROCK Desktop.


Upload and processing time up to 10x faster!

ROCK Desktop currently supported on Windows 10+


- Trusted by the best in the industry -

Capture your best point cloud

ROCK Desktop gives you the quality control you need, making your aerial LiDAR surveying jobs more streamlined and efficient. You’ll never need to head back out to the job site to redo any the work. You’ll know right away if your data is good to go.

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Convert your LAS files to LAZ

ROCK Desktop quickly converts your LAS files to LAZ files, compressing them by 90% of their original size. Saving precious storage space on your hard drive, all while drastically reducing upload and processing time (up to 10x faster).

Visualize your data in the field

ROCK Desktop is a free local point cloud viewer. You don’t need a WiFi connection to view your point cloud data in ROCK Desktop. The software allows you to see your data right away, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere with no signal.

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Seamlessly sync
to ROCK Cloud

Create your project in ROCK Desktop, increasing your upload time to ROCK Cloud by 10x with your already-converted LAZ file. Once your project is uploaded, you'll be able to view and work with your data instantly in the ROCK Cloud.

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Our company has been working with ROCK Robotic for nearly a year and we have been amazed at the rapid turnaround, attention to detail, continuous added features and the courtesy and knowledge of their support staff. ROCK Robotic becomes part of your team.

— Michael Elliot, Owner, Drone Services Hawaii

Process & share your data on the ROCK Cloud

Get deliverables fast with quick turnaround on your projects

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Great team with a great product! The R2A and ROCK Cloud processing service have significantly enhanced our workflow. I would highly recommend these products to any firm looking to break into the UAS LiDAR sphere for a reasonable price.

— Sean Bickell, Remote Pilot, Jacob & Hefner Associates, Inc


LAS to LAZ Converter & Point Cloud Viewer