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location accuracy.

Earn rewards.


Building a resilient & secure GNSS CORS network to deliver ±1cm accuracy.



*Triple-Band GNSS Network Base-Station. Introductory price available for limited time only. Click here to see additional product photos.

The world needs
better GPS accuracy

Smartphone GPS is usually accurate to within a radius of 4.9 meters (16 feet) when used in open areas. GPS accuracy depends on GPS satellite broadcast signals, satellite geometry, signal blockages, atmospheric conditions, and the receiver.

We can make it better.

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Multiple GPS takes you from meters to centimeter accuracy

By adding a second GPS (GNSS) receiver and establishing a real-time connection to communicate correction data, you can increase the accuracy of your GPS from meters down to millimeters. More GPS Receivers = Better Accuracy. The closer the distance between the two receivers, the more accurate the data. Accurate data is critical.

Critical infrastructure relies on precision

Critical infrastructure sectors, including transportation, energy, communications and emergency services, rely heavily on precise location intelligence. In the future, industries will depend on this data, including autonomous vehicles, drone delivery services and precision farming.
We have the solution.


A community-based CORS network built to earn

Nearly every CORS Network is operated by government agencies and billion-dollar companies. These entities keep location data closed off to themselves. By growing an open CORS network,
we can offer precision location intelligence to the people who need it.

We're doing exactly that — together. 

Only pay for what you need


RTK Edition

Installing a ROCK Base grants you access to the ROCK RTK Network. With this option, the unit will operate like a high-end GNSS base — without earning crypto. You will receive access (1 user) to the entire ROCK Base Network aka all ROCK Base-Stations installed around the globe.


Miner Edition

Miner edition earns $Geod Tokens without access to RTK service. The current reward rate is 96 $Geod tokens (per day) for 1 installed ROCK Base. Today's value is around 3 cents per $Geod. So, 96 tokens (per day) x 1 month will earn $86. *Numbers will vary depending on market.


Network Access

Need additional seats on the ROCK RTK Network? Mining but still want to use the network? Looking to use the network stand-alone? This is for you. Subscriptions start at $40 a month (per user). Discounts available as desired user access number is increased.

Join the movement and get rewarded 

Geodnet combines blockchain technology with the CORS network.
By partnering with Geodnet, ROCK Base owners will help to improve collective location intelligence while earning $GEOD token rewards.

It's time to start earning.

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Big things coming soon in 2023

Subscription-based users will soon be able to access the ROCK RTK Network, which provides highly accurate GPS without the need for a physical base station. The network's PPK service lets users easily get data even when there's no connection available in the field. Open access is the goal.


Meet the triple-band RTK GNSS receiver that works on ROCK Network 

Check the specs

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