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Case Study: Creating Planimetrics from an Orthomosaic Map Using ROCK Cloud

Updated: Jan 3


  • ROCK's Client: SmartDrone

  • SmartDrone's Client: Commercial Real Estate Broker in Tyler, TX

  • Assignment: The client needed a planimetric map (linework) from an orthophoto of a 4.58-acre commercial property without using LiDAR data.

  • Result: After the drone flight, the SmartDrone team created an orthophoto and ordered linework through ROCK Cloud. The resulting deliverable was delivered in three business days.

Planimetric map deliverable for SmartDrone's car dealership project
Planimetric map deliverable for SmartDrone's Commercial Real Estate Broker client project


SmartDrone is a leader in drone surveying innovation and technology for accurate land surveying, utilizing U.S.-manufactured drone hardware to collect feasible aerial LiDAR data, combined with streamlined processing software.

SmartDrone Discovery 2
SmartDrone Discovery 2


The SmartDrone team used its Discovery 2 mapping drone which utilizes a 12.3-megapixel RGB camera to capture images for orthomosaic generation alongside a LiDAR sensor for topographic mapping. Alongside the hardware, they used ROCK Cloud Processing Software to generate a planimetric/linework map from stitched-together orthophotos.


The SmartDrone team wanted to demonstrate how they use drone capabilities to aid commercial real estate listings, as SmartDrone has had potential clients show interest in generating linework deliverables. The real estate firm had purchased the property from a current car dealership that is relocating.

"Using the ROCK Cloud was an easy experience, turnaround met the suggested timeline, and the results they said they would deliver were delivered. Not to mention their team reached out quickly to share questions and had great communication!" –Al Thead, Vice President Operations, SmartDrone