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Pushing the edge of technology and re-defining how geo-spatial data is collected, you need solid support backed by knowledge, efficient problem solving and enthusiasm. ROCK Robotic delivers.

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Get survey-grade deliverables for accurate insight into the ground topography.

*Works for 2D & 3D applications.

ROCK Planimetrics

High-accuracy deliverables with 1 click

ROCK Planimetrics will reduce your office hours

2D Planimetrics

Easily process Orthomosaic images from Photogrammetry into stunning Planimetric survey-grade deliverables.

3D Planimetrics

Easily process LiDAR data or Point Clouds derived from Photogrammetry into stunning Planimetric survey-grade deliverables.

Affordable Processing

Starting at $20/acre. Pay for only the acreage you need in rural, urban, and semi-urban areas.

Increased Efficiency

3-business-day turnaround time for standard deliverables. 4-6 business days for enhanced Planimetrics.

Quality Deliverables

Color-coded planimetric points, lines, and polygons to digitize your data. Optional custom symbols add-on.

Why use ROCK Planimetrics?

Affordable, efficient & high-quality

How-to order ROCK Planimetrics

Learn in detail from our Knowledge Base ←

Choose area to process

Select the area you want processed for your deliverables by using the area tool (see pictured). For example, you have a 500 acre forest that has a road running through it. Instead of ordering ROCK Planimetrics for the whole space, select the area of interest with the road to save money.

Place your order

Once you upload your dataset to the ROCK Cloud, click “Order” under the ROCK Planimetrics section in the ROCK Marketplace. Select your area type (rural, urban, or semi-urban). Review order summary, pay for the area you want to process and click “Order”.

Get your deliverables

You’ll receive your ROCK Planimetrics deliverables in as little as three business days. The ROCK Team will quality-check your project and then deliver your Linework files in DXF, DWG, SHP and DGN formats.

We ordered ROCK Planimetrics from ROCK Robotic, and it has been hugely beneficial to our company! They have worked closely with people in our industry to deliver precisely what we need at excellent prices and great turn-around times.

Need more info?

You can visit our ROCK Knowledge Base for more info on how to use ROCK Surveyor. Or, feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns.


ROCK Planimetrics

The fastest and most accurate way to get CAD drawings for all of your data.

ROCK Surveyor

Produce Digital Elevation Model and Contours for accurate insight into the ground topography.

ROCK Vegetation

Power-line corridor management is key to delivering safe and uninterrupted electricity.


Create a point cloud when collecting in GPS denied environments. 

Order Deliverables in ROCK Marketplace

Get the job done faster with quick turnaround on your projects

- Planimetric Layers -

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