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Top 10 LiDAR Support Questions: Answered by the ROCK Support Team

Our mission at ROCK is to support customer success through content development that empowers our users to know where to get the answers they need. Let's take a look at ROCK's most asked questions and the Knowledge Base articles we wrote to answer them.

1. When will my deliverables be ready?

In the ROCK Cloud, you can view the estimated delivery date of your desired deliverables in three ways.

2. How do I tell what version of PCMaster/Painter I have installed?

This article reveals the two-step process to determine which version is on your computer.

3. How do I use my PCMaster pre-processing license on multiple devices?

You can transfer your PCMaster license from one machine to another to allow multiple users to pre-process their LiDAR data (although the license can't be used by multiple users at the same time). This article offers a step-by-step process to transfer and activate your license.

4. What do I do if PCMaster isn’t processing correctly?

Over 90% of PCMaster processing issues are resolved by answering the questions we outline in this article. Taking the time to answer these questions helps point you in the right direction for solving your pre-processing problem.

5. Do we have to use two-factor authentication to log into the ROCK Cloud?

Yes, two-factor authentication (2FA) enhances the security of the ROCK Cloud.

6. How do I put my deliverables into CAD software?

In this article, we offer the simple three-step process to get your data from ROCK Cloud into AutoCAD and QGIS.

7. Why are my GCPs in the ocean?!

Sometimes ground control points (GCPs) show up in the wrong spot! Learn how to debug Ground Control Point placement in this article.

8. How do I move my dataset to my GCPs?

This article offers two options to use the ROCK Cloud Auto Align GCP tool to save your dataset.

9. How do I calculate my known point for my dataset?

You can use a known point in PCMaster as your base correction coordinates. This article outlines how to set up your base and align your data to a surveyor's control point.

10. How do I get strip alignment for my L1 data?

Want to import your DJI L1 point cloud data into your ROCK Cloud project? This article will walk you through exactly how to do it.


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