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ROCK is a cloud-based data visualization and analytics platform. No software to install, just accurate 3D site surveys.

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Everything is Measurable

Quickly perform measurements on the ROCK cloud viewer.  Measure heights, distances, angles and calculate volumes. LiDAR easily captures the intricate structures of steel lattices and tower inspection.  Use the ROCK cloud to measure and share your results.

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Store all your LiDAR data, Ground Control, Contours, and project data in one location.  Organized into projects to keep your data secure and together. View and Share deliverables with your clients and internally with the ROCK cloud.  LiDAR has never been easier! 

Accurate Topographic Contours

Aerial LiDAR has the ability to see through the trees and collect data down to the bare earth.  Produce highly accurate contours of the bare earth using the ROCK analytics engine.


Export contours into GIS and CAD software

Verifiable data quality with Ground Control Reports

Track the accuracy of your LiDAR survey with ground control reports.  Upload Ground Control Points in your local coordinate system and generate a ground control report deliverable, verifying your LiDAR survey accuracy.

Powerline Classification Corridor Vegetation Management

Maintain safe power infrastructure in the ROCK cloud with powerline classification and vegetation mapping.  The power is in your hands to quickly scan and discover and track your utility assets. 

Supported Hardware

The ROCK cloud supports all LiDAR data in the most popular format of LAS and LAZ.  

Accuracy Made Simple.

With the all new ROCK Cloud

Manage: Create Share Organize

All of your assets in one location. Create a

new project and upload your data

Manage: Create Share Organize

All of your assets in one location. Create a

new project and upload your data

Ground Control: upload GCP

For absolute accuracy, simply upload your ground control with the correct projection

Process: Simply click the start

Choose your desired output: dense point cloud (LAS), Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Contours (SHP, DXF)

View and Share: Hosted LiDAR

As soon as your job is finished processing, view and share your data with teammates and customers

Survey grade | Topo | dem | contours | Digital Twin


Meet the R1A

Fastest way to capture quality data

5cm Accuracy

comparable to the Riegl miniVUX

35 minute Flight time

When paired with the DJI M300

Real-Time RTK and PPK

Best results from the ROCK Cloud

ROCK Mobile App

No need for extra equipment - control with your phone


About US

ROCK robotic came together to push the frontier of 3D data capture, perception, and control.   We have a passion for Surveying, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, A.I., and civil/environmental engineering.  We have set out to open the doors to this new technology for everyone to use and capture reality in perfect detail.  In addition to loving what we do, we are a group of backpackers, rock climbers, skiers, mountaineers, explorers, and music enthusiast!   We hope you join our journey.

If you have a desire to push the frontiers, to think up the future, to make reality what was once thought the space for science fiction.  Then contact us today!  


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