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ROCK Surveyor

Produce Digital Elevation Model and Contours for accurate insight into the ground topography.


ROCK Planimetrics

The fastest and most accurate way to get
CAD drawings for your data.


Compatible with DJI Zenmuse L1

Use the full power of ROCK Cloud to make your data better

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ROCK Solid Support

Customer Support is paramount at ROCK Robotic. Our onboarding, training, technical support and online resources will give you the confidence and ability to succeed with your L1 data.

ROCK Strip Alignment

Easily improve the accuracy of your L1 data. ROCK Strip Alignment takes your uploaded LAS, along with the trajectory and analyzes the point cloud to produce a new optimized point cloud.

ROCK Deliverables

We know what your clients want. As a result, we can help direct you to order the deliverables you need for your project. After you get your deliverables, you can easily share them with your clients.

Hardware that is second to none

Complete 3D mapping solutions with survey-grade LiDAR sensors.

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Expand your hardware's functionality

Generate models without GPS using ROCK SLAM

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