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Unlocking Drone Compatibility: ROCK Robotic's Universal Mount for the R3 Pro LiDAR

ROCK has an exciting announcement that will transform your mapping operations — the R3 Pro LiDAR now works with any drone! No more limitations, a lot more options. Read the article to learn more about the new ROCK Universal Mount and see it in action on the Freefly Systems Astro drone.

Unleashing the Power of LiDAR

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology has significantly advanced the field of surveying and mapping. Its ability to generate highly accurate 3D models of terrain, structures, and environments has been a game-changer for various industries such as agriculture, forestry, construction, and environmental monitoring.

However, to truly unlock the potential of aerial LiDAR and the ROCK R3 Pro (previously only compatible with the DJI M300 & DJI M350), a reliable and efficient mounting system is crucial. This is where the ROCK Robotic Universal Mount steps in, designed to seamlessly integrate with the R3 Pro LiDAR.

Introducing the ROCK Robotic Universal Mount

The ROCK Universal Mount is a state-of-the-art mounting solution designed for optimal integration with the R3 Pro LiDAR system. This mount is engineered with precision and durability in mind, ensuring stability and accurate LiDAR data capture during flight. Also included is a high-quality LEMO to XT60 Cable for seamless connectivity.

Here are the Key Features:

1. Compatibility:

The ROCK Universal Mount is specifically designed to work with any drone that can handle the LiDAR payload. There is also a kit specifically for the Freefly Astro drone, providing a seamless integration that ensures stability and accuracy during LiDAR mapping missions.

2. Versatility:

This mount is adaptable to various drones, making it versatile for a range of mapping applications. Its universal design enables easy attachment and detachment, allowing you to use it with multiple drone models effortlessly.

3. Robust Construction:

Crafted from high-quality materials, the ROCK Universal Mount is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor usage. It ensures your LiDAR equipment is securely mounted and protected throughout the mapping process.

4. Stability & Precision:

With a focus on stability, this mount minimizes vibrations and movements during flight, resulting in highly precise LiDAR data collection. Achieve the level of accuracy you need for your mapping projects. Click here to learn more about the R3 Pro's accuracy.

Pairing with Freefly Astro Drone

The Freefly Astro drone is a fantastic platform for aerial data collection. Its exceptional stability, flight capabilities, and payload capacity make it an ideal match for the Universal Drone Mount and the R3 Pro LiDAR. Not to mention it is NDAA compliant. Together, they form a powerful tool for efficient and accurate LiDAR mapping.

Click HERE to see the ROCK Universal Mount in action on the Freefly Astro drone!

Elevate Your Mapping Experience

Incorporate the ROCK Robotic Universal Mount for the R3 Pro LiDAR with the Freefly Astro drone into your mapping workflow and take your projects to new heights. Experience enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in LiDAR data collection, providing valuable insights for your business.

Elevate the way you map, survey, and analyze with ROCK Robotic and Freefly Systems.


Contact us today to learn more about the ROCK Robotic Universal Mount and how it can transform your LiDAR mapping business!

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