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Power Line Surveying & Management Made Effortless with ROCK Pro Services for PLS-CADD

ROCK Cloud Pro Services PLS-CADD

ROCK Pro Services is revolutionizing power line design and transmission corridor surveying with its effortless approach to generating PLS-CADD deliverables. With a simple one-click order system, ROCK Pro Services offers a seamless, user-friendly experience for obtaining professional survey deliverables, reviewed and quality-checked by expert GIS analysts. This service is designed to scale to any project size, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.


PLS-CADD: The Backbone of Efficient Power Line Design

PLS-CADD (Power Line Systems - Computer Aided Design and Drafting) is essential for creating accurate and efficient transmission line designs. It integrates detailed engineering models with terrain data, optimizing power line paths for safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. ROCK Pro Services enhances this process by providing easy access to high-quality PLS-CADD deliverables, essential for any power line project.

PLS-CADD is crucial in designing transmission corridors, the lifelines of the electrical grid. ROCK Pro Services ensures a seamless transition from drone LiDAR data to PLS-CADD deliverables, allowing engineers to concentrate on design optimization.

Enhancing Efficiency with PLS-CADD

PLS-CADD stands out as a game-changer in the realm of power line surveying, primarily due to its effectiveness in handling complex design and analysis tasks. This software excels in creating detailed, three-dimensional models of power lines, encompassing terrain contours, structure placements, and wire sag and tension details. Such comprehensive modeling capabilities enable engineers to make informed decisions, optimize the layout of transmission lines, and foresee potential issues before they arise. The integration of PLS-CADD with ROCK Pro Services further amplifies its efficiency, providing surveyors and engineers with precise, reliable data that forms the backbone of successful power line projects. This synergy between advanced technology and expert service ensures that projects are not only completed with higher accuracy but also in a more time-efficient manner, significantly enhancing the overall productivity and reliability of power line design and maintenance.

Streamlining PLS-CADD Deliverables with ROCK Processing Services

ROCK Pro Services simplifies the PLS-CADD process, offering customized solutions that cater to all PLS-CADD requirements. This service is backed by a team of seasoned professionals, ensuring that each deliverable, from basic classifications to advanced sag reports, is of the highest quality and integrates seamlessly with ortho imagery.

Key Features of ROCK Processing Services:

  1. One-Click Ordering: Easy and quick access to professional PLS-CADD deliverables.

  2. Expert Review: Each deliverable undergoes a thorough quality control and assurance check by expert GIS analysts.

  3. Custom Scalability: Tailored solutions to scale for projects of any size.

Synergy of ROCK Cloud and PLS-CADD in Power Line Surveying

The collaboration between ROCK Cloud and PLS-CADD represents a significant leap forward in power line surveying and design. ROCK Cloud, with its advanced data processing capabilities, seamlessly feeds high-quality LiDAR data into the PLS-CADD system, bridging the gap between raw data collection and detailed design work. This integration allows for an unprecedented level of precision and efficiency in modeling transmission lines and their environments. By leveraging ROCK Cloud's robust data processing and management tools, PLS-CADD users gain access to a streamlined workflow where data accuracy and ease of use are paramount. This powerful combination not only simplifies the complex process of transmission line design but also ensures that every stage of the project, from initial data capture to final design, is conducted with the utmost precision and care, leading to safer, more reliable, and cost-effective power line installations.

Above: ROCK PLS-CADD Demo Dataset in the ROCK Cloud

Advantages of Using ROCK Processing Services for PLS-CADD

  • Automation: Streamlines the design process by automating data classification and drafting.

  • Accuracy: Delivers high precision in designs with detailed sag-tension reports and structure analysis.

  • Expert Support: Provides access to ROCK's team for customized solutions and professional support.

  • Cost-Effective: Offers a pay-as-you-go service, enabling effective cost control while scaling project sizes.


ROCK Pro Services, in conjunction with the ROCK Cloud, offers a comprehensive solution for transforming drone LiDAR data into accurate PLS-CADD deliverables. This combination of sophisticated software and expert service streamlines the design and analysis of transmission lines, paving the way for the future of power line surveying.


Contact us to learn more about PLS-CADD, ROCK Pro Services, and the capabilities of the ROCK Cloud now!



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