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Dedicated LiDAR experts at your fingertips.  For projects LARGE or MANY

ROCK Processing Sevices

What is ROCK Processing Services

Welcome to ROCK Professional Services - your partner in advanced, scalable LiDAR data processing solutions. We are committed to supporting the success of your large-scale projects, with custom pricing that adapts to your unique needs.




Schedule a meeting with our LiDAR experts and we will work to understand your requirement, budget, and timing

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We will provide you with a detailed proposal on our processing services that will be offered through our ROCK Cloud software.

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Upload your data and see your new processing option on the ROCK Cloud.  

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ROCK Planimetrics

The fastest and most accurate way to get CAD drawings for all of your data.

ROCK Surveyor

Produce Digital Elevation Model and Contours for accurate insight into the ground topography.

ROCK Vegetation

Power-line corridor management is key to delivering safe and uninterrupted electricity.


Extract Data from point cloud to GIS. If you can see it, we can map it.

Talk to Us about Deliverables you need Scaled

Special needs, Large Jobs, Many Jobs - We Got you covered.

Custom GIS

ROCKs team of dedicated LiDAR experts can transform your raw point cloud to accurate locations and attributes with ROCK GIS.  Do you need to find all the attachment points of wires on poles, where all the poles are, line sag, manholes, or anything else?  ROCK GIS will make this process a breeze.


Are you doing a lot of linework?  If you need a dedicated team to support your needs. We can scale with you. Providing you with a reliable resource to get your points, lines, and polygons just right!

Mapping Cities

Large area mapping requires a different approach than a single acre of land.  ROCK's advanced A.I. and QC/QA team can scale to covering whole cities, regions, and states.

We ordered ROCK Planimetrics from ROCK Robotic, and it has been hugely beneficial to our company! They have worked closely with people in our industry to deliver precisely what we need at excellent prices and great turn-around times.

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