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Control your Location Accuracy

ROCK Base + RTK Network offers GPS location corrections within ±1cm

*Triple-Band GNSS Network Base-Station. Introductory price available for limited time only. Click here to see additional product photos.

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ROCK Base enables centimeter-accurate verified results with your RTK GNSS Rover or RTK drone for precise mapping, even without GCPs. Once you install your Base and connect it to WiFi, it will automatically calibrate to the ROCK RTK Network.
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RTK Network

The ROCK RTK Network is made up of ROCK Base stations installed around the world. When you subscribe to the network, your RTK-enabled device will connect to the nearest ROCK Base, allowing you to make accuracy corrections within ±1cm.

Building a community-based NTRIP network to achieve better accuracy

Nearly every NTRIP Network is operated by government agencies and billion-dollar companies. These entities keep location data closed off to themselves. By growing an open NTRIP network,
we can offer precision location intelligence to the people who need it.


RTK Edition

Installing a ROCK Base grants you access to the ROCK RTK Network. With this option, the unit will operate like a high-end GNSS base — without earning crypto. You will receive access (1 user) to the entire ROCK Base Network aka all ROCK Base-Stations installed around the globe.


Miner Edition

Miner edition earns $Geod Tokens without access to RTK service. The current reward rate is 96 $Geod tokens (per day) for 1 installed ROCK Base. Today's value is around 3 cents per $Geod. So, 96 tokens (per day) x 1 month will earn $86. *Numbers will vary depending on market.


Network Access

Need additional seats on the ROCK RTK Network? Mining but still want to use the network? Looking to use the network stand-alone? This is for you. Subscriptions start at $40 a month (per user). Discounts available as desired user access number is increased.


Meet the triple-band RTK GNSS receiver that works on ROCK Network 

Check the specs

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Our company has been working with ROCK Robotic for nearly a year and we have been amazed at the rapid turnaround, attention to detail, continuous added features and the courtesy and knowledge of their support staff. ROCK Robotic becomes part of your team.

— Michael Elliot, Owner, Drone Services Hawaii

See the improved accuracy for yourself.

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