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Brand: Rock Robotic

The Best Just Got Better!

ROCK Robotic's all new 3rd generation lidar. A groundbreaking Surveying tool to capture unprecedented, accurate 3D LiDAR and Photogrammetry data for Surveying, Mapping, Engineering, Mining, Powerline, Utility, BIM, Forestry and more.

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ROCK Desktop Software

Annual license is required for high-quality PPK trajectory processing. This also includes the software to create your las/laz point cloud.

ROCK Cloud

When purchasing the R3Pro with the ROCK Cloud Business Account you are now Automatically Upgraded to the R3 Pro Business Plus Plan!

The R3 Pro Business Plus Plan comes with:

  • Five ROCK Surveyor Jobs per month. Each job can be up to 20 acres. Included.^
  • 500 GB Storage

The ROCK Cloud is a turnkey solution for turning LiDAR data into professional deliverables. Learn More

Base Station

A base station is required when collecting aerial and mobile LiDAR. It is not required for SLAM. We recommend and the ROCK Base if you are scanning within a 20KM radius of the fixed base and we support the Emlid Reach RS2+ for your further afield locations. Other base stations will work as long as they produce Rinex data, but the Support Team may not be able to assist you with their use. Purchase a base and rover pair to make fast work of collecting GCPs.

ROCK Onboarding and Support

ROCK Onboarding and Support is the fastest way to become a LiDAR professional! You will receive access to the ROCK Academy online learning management system and 3 x45 minute meetings with a LiDAR specialist to help you through building your first project and deliverables so you can hit the ground running. You will also receive access to email, phone and chat support from our Support Team during the onboarding period. Learn more


All R3Pro's are ROCK SLAM capable with the ALL NEW SLAM KIT. In order to process the SLAM data you need a ROCK SLAM subscription and a ROCK Business account. The ROCK SLAM subscription allows for unlimited slam point cloud processing up to 30 minutes per collection and includes ROCK Support via chat or email.

in the box:

  • ROCK R3Pro (Hesai Pandar XT32 Sensor)
  • 26 MP detachable camera
  • Skyport Mount
  • GNSS Antenna
  • Removable Flash Drive
  • Protective Case
  • 12 Months Warranty

* Onboarding and Support includes access to ROCK Academy Learning Management System, 3 x 45 min meeting with a LiDAR specialist, and email, phone, and chat support during the onboarding period.

*** Up to 30 mins per collection -- requires ROCK Cloud Business account

^ Have a job over 20 acres? No problem, just pay the difference.

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