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Four Crews? Four Weeks? Forget that! ROCK can help get the job done in one day.

We received some amazing feedback from one of our ROCK Cloud users. He had nothing but great things to say about how helpful, accurate and quick our LiDAR processing software is. And here's why:

• Manual Classification

• Stockpile Calculations

• TOPOs in a day. ONE DAY.

Boom! Take a look at what else he had to say...

"I have to say this scanner is incredible! My contours were perfect. They matched the surveyors ground points within hundredths. Even the gravel driveways. They had 4 crews working for 4 weeks and we did cam up with the data in 2 days. I’m going to like doing this…" — John Triska, 3D Data Prep Inc.

Want to see what you can accomplish in a day? Take a look at this free dataset.

Contact ROCK Robotic to learn how we can help.


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