ROCK LiDAR Hardware

an end to end survey grade solution for high accuracy LiDAR mapping 

Accuracy. Reliability. Simplicity.

The New ROCK R1A LiDAR Payload

Turn Key LiDAR Mapping

The ROCK R1A is a high accuracy survey grade LiDAR + RGB remote sensing payload.  The R1A is an ideal solution for land surveying, construction mapping, transmission and distribution utility mapping and much more.  The R1A package contains a tactical grade Inertial Navigation system, Novatel GNSS, LiVOX Laser scanner and desktop software.  Configured to work with the DJI M200, M300 M600, Freefly Astro, Alta X, Watts Innovation Prism and many more UAS.  The R1A has uncompromising accuracy and survey grade results.

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Uncompromising Accuracy

The ROCK R1A uses best in class navigation and GNSS receiver system that transforms the operation of the R1A payload from a technical hardware to a Ready-To-Fly system that captures quality data. Every Time.  With the R1A navigation system, you can set up the R1A and be in the air capturing high quality data in under 5 minutes. The <0.006 deg Pitch and roll and < 0.03 deg Heading accuracy navigation system delivers sub 5cm accuracy on your LiDAR surveys.

Download the Accuracy Report:

Full Color Data

The R1A provides more than just excellent 3D data. With the integrated RGB camera, the R1A offers full colorized point clouds. Use the color to easily navigate the 3D laser data, for inspection, and to reveal a stunning 3D model to your clients.

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Fast Setup

The R1A has a one click fast connector to attach with the skyport connector of the DJI M200 M300.  Quick connect also on the DJI M600 Freefly Systems AltaX Astro Watts Innovation PRISM and many more

1-Click  Desktop Software

Quickly generate georectified point cloud data with the ROCK post processing software.  Novatel Inertial Explorer quickly generates smoothed best estimate trajectory (SBET) that is used in the ROCK point cloud generation software.  Use the software to get a preview of data coverage before you leave the jobsite.  



At ROCK robotic, your success is our success.  Our team has been delivering surveys, inspections, BIM, forestry, archeological finds, as well as a number of other deliverables for our clients.  Our support will help you deliver quality data, on time, every time.  Request Training, Sales support, deliverable processing and in the field services.  We are here to help make your team a success!


R1A Specifications

Laser Sensor
Livox Mid-40
Range Accuracy
± 2 cm
Scan Range
90 m @ 10% reflectivity
130 m @ 20% reflectivity
System Accuracy
± 5 cm
256 GB
1.50 kg
Field of View
38.4° (Horizontal) ×38.4° (Vertical)
Scan Rate
100,000 pts/s and 3 returns
MAX Points per second
300,000 points/s (triple return)
IMU Position Acc
0.5cm (PPK); 1cm + 1ppm (RTK)
IMU Atitude Acc
<0.006 deg Pitch and roll; < 0.03 deg Heading
Power Consumption
12.5 Watts
Operating Conditions
-20˚C to 65˚C
RGB Camera
Sony a5100 - 24 MP camera