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Unlock the power in your data.

The ROCK Cloud makes it simple to store, visualize, analyze and share your data.

(Single User)


Starter plan includes:

• Individual Use

• 50 GB Storage

Community Support

Upload, View, Analyze

Export & Share LiDAR Data

Export .LAS .DXF .SHP

Measure & Annotate

Reproject Data

Display Orthomosaic & KML layers

Manage / Edit / View GCPs

Marketplace Access (Contours, Planimetrics, Vegetation Management)


(Billed Annually)



(Single User)



(Billed Annually)

All Starter features, plus:

• 500 GB Storage

• Email & Live Chat Support

• Custom Profile Branding

Classify Point Clouds

Trim Point Clouds

Compare Over Time

Organize & Merge datasets

Stockpile Analysis & Volumetrics

ROCK Stars Dedicated Landing Page

Custom Branding on Deliverables

Custom Anonymous Share View

Branded Obstruction Report

Branded GCP Report


(Unlimited Users)


Contact us for Enterprise pricing information.

All Business features, plus:

• Maximum (Shared) Storage

• Shared Tokens

• Unlimited Defined Users

Enterprise Viewer
Create & Edit Projects

Enterprise Editor

Create, Edit, View All Projects

Order Deliverables

Purchase Tokens
Enterprise Manager 

All Things Enterprise User+

Manage Users

Customizable Branding / Info

What are ROCK Tokens?

In the ROCK Cloud, "Tokens" are used to Pay-Per-Deliverable. This removes hours and days of office work with just 1 click of a button. Visit ROCK Marketplace or see below for available deliverables. 

$20 USD Per Token

ROCK Tokens
contour+lines+in+topographic+maps-transparent copy.png

Order Deliverables in ROCK Marketplace

Get the job done fast with quick turnaround on your projects

Estimate your project cost

Click on any of the deliverables in the ROCK Marketplace and open the Cost Estimator on the deliverable of your choice. This is how you can easily receive a cost estimate on any project.


Need more info?

You can visit our ROCK Knowledge Base for more info on how to use ROCK Cloud. Or, feel free to reach out to us with your questions about how we can help.

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