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Easily calculate Volumetrics with the ROCK Cloud Stockpile Tool.

Good news... we have added a new feature to the ROCK Cloud! Now, you can quickly draw a polygon around an object to calculate the "Cut & Fill" volumes. It's super fast, easy and works with any LiDAR data. Watch the video above to see how simple it is.

Visit for more information about the ROCK Cloud.

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say the point cloud generated by the fantastic ROCK Robotic R2A sensor is priceless. Well, maybe not priceless since we are billing the client... but you get the idea. We have been flying this R2A sensor for a little over a month now and we have mapped a 1700 acre ranch, 400 acres of a water treatment plant, 20 miles of distribution lines and 4 miles of transmission for 2 new switch/substation sites. I can’t say enough about the guys at ROCK Robotic and the product they have put together, both the R2A sensor and the ROCK Cloud software." — Josh Burge PLS - sUAS Pilot Gorrondona & Associates, Inc.

Not using the ROCK Cloud to process LiDAR data? What are you waiting for?!


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