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We have the right plan to fit your organization.  Affordable monthly subscription and a pay per deliverable token system to help you attach the cost of post processing to your customer.

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For one person to complete basic mapping and inspection

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Create more accurate projects, advanced tools, for one person

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For any size organization to manage projects and people with advanced security and workflow

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Upload View Analyze LiDAR Data

50 GB Storage

community support

Measure and annotate 

Unlimited sharing

Unlimited LiDAR upload

Access To Deliverable Processing

Export .LAS .DXF .SHP

All Business features, plus:

Additional Storage

Community, Email, Phone Support

User Roles & Permissions

All Pro features, plus:

500 GB Storage

Community and Email Support

Ground Control Reports

Re-project into coordinate systems

Export .LAS .DXF .SHP

  • Upload and manage 3D LiDAR data and projects

  • Measure and annotate directly in the cloud viewer

  • Share your project with unlimited users both privately or enable link sharing for all to see

  • Create survey grade topographic contours from LiDAR data

  • Generate ground control reports

  • Get CAD vectorized .dwg .dxf

  • Powerline classification

  • Forestry canopy height model

  • Export .dwg .tiff .las .laz .shp .kml

Accuracy Made Simple.

With the all new ROCK Cloud

Manage: Create Share Organize

All of your assets in one location. Create a

new project and upload your data

Manage: Create Share Organize

All of your assets in one location. Create a

new project and upload your data

Ground Control: upload GCP

For absolute accuracy, simply upload your ground control with the correct projection

Process: Simply click the start

Choose your desired output: dense point cloud (LAS), Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Contours (SHP, DXF)

View and Share: Hosted LiDAR

As soon as your job is finished processing, view and share your data with teammates and customers

* LAS processing gives you a non-classified 3D point cloud to download or view in the ROCK Cloud.

** Tokens are used to purchase professional processing deliverables such as DEM and Contours.

What are Processing Tokens?

Processing tokens allow you to get professional deliverables from your point clouds. Simply select the professional deliverable you would like to receive and you pay based on the size of the point cloud.

What deliverables are available?

1. DEM, Contours, Ground Classified Point Cloud

2. Powerline (conductor, structure, insulator, vegetation, ground) classification

More to come!

What does it cost?

À la carte Processing tokens cost $200 each. Each token will process 5 GB of LiDAR data or approximately 100 acres of land at 60 meters AGL.


Claremont Canyon dataset on

Raw File Size: 5 GB

Acres: 60 Acres

Deliverables: Classified Point Cloud, DEM, and Contours


Cost: 1 token

Airport Runway dataset on

Raw File Size: 1.5 GB

Acres: 25 Acres

Deliverable: Point Cloud


Cost: 0 tokens

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