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We look forward to welcoming you to the ROCK Community and the power of LiDAR. Our team is standing by to help you make a purchase or use our system. Use the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen to get answers quick.


Surveyor Package + Facade Mount* 

R2A Specs

Complete LiDAR + RGB Solution

The ROCK R2A is a complete Aerial / SLAM 3D Mapping Solution. Integrating the new Livox Avia sensor, with a high-accuracy IMU and a 24MP Sony camera. The system is used with the DJI M300, DJI M210, DJI M200, DJI M600, FreeFly Alta X, FreeFly Astro, SkyFish and Mobile Mapping. When used with the ROCK Cloud — complete deliverables are only a flight away.

240,000 pts/s
3 Returns
24 MP Sony
Precision IMU
USB Storage
Check Data
in Field
Desktop PPK
Quick Connect
Quick Connect
5cm Accuracy
(up-to 0.1 foot)

Camera & LiDAR in One Package

Capture both colorized 3D Point Clouds and Orthophotos in one flight.

Sony α5100

24 MP Sony camera is co-aligned with the LiDAR sensor to capture RGB photos while you fly. After you land colorize your LiDAR data and also produce geotagged photos that can be later used for photogrammetry.

Livox Avia

240,000 laser pulses per second, up-to 3 returns, a total of 720,000 range measurements per second, maximum detection range of 450m, a field of view of 70.4 degrees, and range accuracy of 2cm makes this a perfect solution for aerial survey grade data acquisition.


RGB Camera
Sony a5100 - 24 MP Camera
Operating Conditions
-20˚C to 65˚C
Power Consumption
12.5 Watts
IMU Atitude Acc
<0.006 deg Pitch and roll; < 0.03 deg Heading
IMU Position Acc
0.5cm (PPK); 1cm + 1ppm (RTK)
MAX Points Per Second
720,000 points/s (triple return)
Scan Rate
240,000 pts/s and 3 returns
Field of View
70.4° (Horizontal) ×4.5° (Vertical)
1.30 kg
256 GB Provided (1TB supported)
System Accuracy
± 5 cm
Scan Range
450 m @ 80% reflectivity
260 m @ 20% reflectivity
190 m @ 10% reflectivity
Range Accuracy
± 2 cm
Laser Sensor
Livox Avia

SLAM Enabled 

All new and current ROCK R2A users will be able to utilize the newly integrated SLAM feature.* 

*Users must already be enrolled or upgrade to a ROCK Cloud Business Account. A monthly fee will be added to account to gain access.

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See Through Dense Vegetation

Generate over 1,200 acres of TOPO in 1-day when used with ROCK Cloud.

Compatible with all platforms.

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*Platform must have the ability to carry 1.2 kg payload.

Verify Data in the Field

PCMaster and PCPainter Desktop Software for in the field (RTK) data verification and (PPK) high accuracy colorized, calibrated, point cloud (.LAS) generation. Get all your data with this off-line desktop software. Then use the ROCK Cloud to generate deliverables, add GCP, re-project, merge and more.


ROCK Care & Extended Warranty

Our team of LiDAR experts are on-call to help you.

We know that support and equipment is a vital part to your business success. All ROCK hardware comes with a 1-year Warranty and full support from our dedicated team of experts. Get extended warranty to keep your coverage over the lifetime of your hardware.

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  • Phone / Chat / Email Support

  • Training Videos

  • Onboarding

  • Covers Hardware Defects

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