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Meet ROCK Cloud

The ROCK Cloud is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to take LiDAR data and turn it into deliverables and share with your clients.


The ROCK Cloud is the industry redefining software with Pay-As-You-GO LiDAR processing.


Topographic Surveys

Generate topographic surveys from raw uploaded data using the ROCK Surveyor in the marketplace.  Get bare earth classified .LAS, contours, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) surface, Ground Control Accuracy Report in hours instead of days.  Enhance Surveyor with breaklines, and add in shots captured by RTK or total stations to augment the LiDAR data with enhanced accuracy.

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Visualize Share Store

Store all your LiDAR data, Ground Control, Contours, and project data in one location.  Organized into projects to keep your data secure and together. View and Share deliverables with your clients and internally with the ROCK cloud.  LiDAR has never been easier! 

Large projects that span multiple days 

No matter the size ROCK Cloud can help

When capturing data for large projects, you will often encounter the need to combine many datasets, and make adjustments to align the datasets to ground control points. This is simple with real-time adjustments and the compare and merge functionality in RC.

Manual Point cloud Editing

The Power is in YOUR hands


Share data across your

organization and clients

Give instant visibility to your data and status of your project.  ROCK Cloud enables you to share your data and control the level of access to individual projects. Capture data in the field and share it with the office, then complete data processing and share with your clients



Decrease operating

costs at every turn

By using the ROCK Cloud you save money.  No need for expensive desktop hardware to run LiDAR processing software on. No need for expert analyst to spend days and weeks on a project.  using the ROCK Cloud helps you keep the cost down and save time


Stay at the forefront

of your industry

The world is changing, and gaining access to the latest and greatest tools can be cumbersome.  With the ROCK Cloud, you are buying into a continuously improving software.  Be at the forefront of your industry, today, tomorrow, and every day after that. 

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Civil Engineering

"Using the ROCK Cloud has launched us into the future!"


Features you can't live without!

Auto GCP Align

Quickly add Ground Control Points to your data then use the Auto-GCP alignment tool.  Select a point in your dataset and snap the data to a ground control point.  See your data move in real-time.  


Change your data into any projection. The ROCK smart projection detector, suggests the most common projection for your location. Choose your projection or perform a custom projection with your own combined scale factor to get your data where you need it.


Cross-Section Analysis

Slice your data and plot a cross-section.  Analyze your job site and export cross-sections through your data.  Add multiple jobs and measure cross-sectional changes over time


Inspection Photos

Add any geotagged photo to your project.  Perform detailed inspection and analysis from high resolution imagery and navigate to the 3D point cloud to perform measurements.


Supported Hardware

The ROCK cloud supports all LiDAR data in the most popular format of LAS, LAZ, .e57.  



Keep your assets safe with ROCK Vegetation management.  Upload raw point clouds and discover all the vegetation risks in a click of a button.  Deliverables are made to export directly into GIS with shapefiles and ready to be managed with a violation report.

ROCK Planimetrics




ROCK Hydrology

hydro-flattened topographic DEM and contours with breaklines around bodies of water.



ROCK Vegetation Management

Transform raw point cloud data into Vegetation encroachment violations and export to GIS

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ROCK Surveyor

topographic deliverables from point cloud data. Ground classified LAS, Contours, DEM, and GCP report




Order these deliverables in the ROCK Cloud to transform your uploaded data to a deliverable.

*minimum $29 monthly subscription fee for access to ROCK Cloud platform, viewer, tools, storage, and sharing. Click to learn more