Shooting Star

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a LiDAR community and support them with simple, accurate hardware and robust 3D software tools that deliver.  We exist to make LiDAR easy, accessible, and useful.  We start at the source and build industry leading hardware that is simple, accurate, and affordable.  We believe that no one wants a point cloud, they want a deliverable.  We build 3D software that is scalable, secure, fast, intelligent, and accurate. 

Mountain Landscape

Daily Checklist

1 to Many
Enable others to Win
Work in the Open
Jump in and Own it

Join the Team

If you want to build robots that shoot lasers and processes data in the cloud using artificial intelligence...then this is the place for you.  We are a group of fast working experts that work long hours to build a new future.  Community is at our core and the first thing in community is sharing.  The easiest way to join our team is to jump in and join the community.  We look forward to meeting you!